Master’s opportunity to study temperature effects on insect communication


The Fowler-Finn lab is seeking applicants for a Master’s position opening in Fall 2018!

This student will join our dynamic and diverse research team to work on an NSF-funded project investigating thermal effects on reproductive performance and sexual communication in Enchenopa treehoppers (Hemiptera: Membracidae).

Treehoppers communicate through plant-borne vibrations, and the songs and female preferences for the songs are sensitive to changes in temperature. This projects implements a function-valued approach and classic quantitative genetics to characterize plasticity in thermally-sensitive reproductive traits and measure genetic variation across a latitudinal gradient. Outreach through sound art installations and zoo exhibits capitalizes on the ability of the bizarre and beautiful vibrational songs of treehoppers to capture the public’s imagination. For more information, contact Kasey Fowler-Finn.