Featured Sci-Art projects

Science and art have a lot in common. Both are grounded in observations and interpretations of our world, they share the same joy of discovery, and need to communicate with others. Mountain Lake Biological Station created ArtLab in recognition of the natural synergy between art and science. This program bring artists to the field station to interact with biologists and was our gateway to a multi-year, sci-art endeavor known as the Sound Art Project. This project was expanded in recent years with our collaboration with science communication agency, Impact Media Lab. Learn more about these collaborations below.


Experience life as an insect in the leaf litter

Have you ever wondered what the world might sound like to an insect? The Sound Art Project, a science-art collaboration that we developed with sound artist Stephen Vitiello, brings listeners into the depths of the world of plant-borne sound.

Our most recent show, "A Scuttering Across the Leaves," creates a world as experienced by plants and small organisms. We play amplified sound recordings of plant-borne insect calls using a unique, 145-speaker system (The Cube) at Virginia Tech.

Impact Media Lab

Artist: Pawl Tisdale

Integrating art & design into our everyday

Our collaboration with Impact Media Lab, a science communication agency, began at the Shakespeare Festival in St. Louis, of all places. Kasey Fowler-Finn and Impact Media Lab's founder, Kika Tuff, bumped into each other when taking their dogs on a bathroom break. The two immediately connected over their love of science, art, and empowering women in STEM.

Kika and Kasey have collaborated on countless projects: grants, data visualization, outreach activities, lab t-shirts ... even this website! We highly recommend them for your outreach and design projects.