Kasey is interested in the roles of genetics, plasticity, and environmental variation in evolution. Some of her primary interests include adaptation to global warming, the evolution of mating and social behavior, predator-prey interactions, and geographic variation in morphology and behavior.

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Equally important, Kasey is excited about being an encouraging and positive role model for budding scientists and fosters two-way training in her lab group, in which the junior researchers benefit from close collaboration with senior researchers, and the senior researchers benefit from mentorship experience. The high collegiality among her lab members is evidenced by the variety of publications with undergraduate students, graduate students, and PI authorship. Additionally, her lab members collaborate closely on outreach and education, gaining valuable experience in science communication and working at the science-public interface.

Courses Kasey has taught:

  • Evolutionary Biology (core course for Biology majors)

  • Advanced Evolution (graduate-level)

  • Sex, Evolution and Behavior (upper level course)

  • Advanced Sex, Evolution and Behavior (graduate-level)